The expense management solution for entrepreneurs running businesses remotely

Brian Henia


Having a small business outside of a full-time job is nothing new in today’s business environment. I’ve worked with some consultants who openly share that they have more than one stream of income, and some have even taken active strides to start their own businesses while in employment. Brian is a friend and business colleague who falls within this group.

I previously worked with him and we’ve maintained a great relationship as we’ve both progressed in our respective professional interests. So when he decided to start a business during the pandemic, I was happy to know that he had also taken up the entrepreneurial hat.

He had identified a gap in his community, and took up the mantle to build a water depot that would serve informal settlements. With specific, strategic systems in place, he successfully sourced staff who would offer customer support, manage dispatch, and complete deliveries.

Brian’s now been in business for almost two years and has opened three more depots. A recent catch up with him helped me understand his developments as well as the areas he’s still working to strengthen. On the latter, he shared: “Managing how much the business is spending is consistently proving to be difficult. I’m sometimes forced to use my personal mobile money or bank, and then I have to stop what I’m doing to note down these expense reports.” From our conversation I was reminded that business isn’t always a clearly defined path, but this facet of business finances continues to frustrate entrepreneurs across different industries. The challenge here is Brian doesn’t have the time to track and compile all these reports, then follow up on receipts or payment confirmations.

When I shared my own similar challenges in previous businesses and how these informed the decision to create Sava, I could tell he was interested in learning how it would work to his advantage. For a business like his, where he still wants complete control without feeling overly consumed in mundane admin tasks, Sava’s expense management feature makes the most sense.

The decision to include this feature took into consideration entrepreneurs like Brian. It’s a digital dashboard that offers a business owner a 360 degree view on all the money going out of their business and what it’s being spent on. This helps oversee and understand all the business expenses, and have a central place to view them at their convenience.

If, like Brian you have a notebook that you’ve previously used to note down reports, with Sava you can now use it for notes on business ideas and progressions. And whether you’re managing your business remotely or on the fly, you get to have complete control with no stress whatsoever.

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