Building relationships from a customer-centred and value-focused perspective

Glenn Ogolah


There’s something many people don’t know about marketing, and that’s that it is most successful when well-built, structured systems are in place. These systems define processes and strategies to be followed or implemented with the goal of building clients’ trust. I both learned this and made it the basis of my work when I was developing brand strategies at Centum Investment Company Ltd for the organisation’s subsidiaries and working at Sendy.

The more known and talked about side of marketing is customer acquisition — and even this is founded on the right systems. However, after that, comes retention — which is only successful once trust has been built. This is where marketing becomes nurturing. In early stage startups, this requires user research.

Since joining Sava as Growth Manager for Kenya, my work has encompassed building funnels, crafting clear and compelling messages, collaborating with various departments, and nurturing relationships with potential users. By exploring the various fintech needs across the continent as our starting point, we have been able to make significant strides in the South Africa market. And to refine the product for the Kenya market, I have had to exchange notes and ideas with the executive team on the possible similarities and disparities between Southern Africa and East Africa markets. For instance, across the board, managing business spending is something that needs improvement; however, corporate cards are popular among businesses in S.A., but Kenyans practically live off of M-Pesa (a mobile money service).

So with this information, the question then becomes… which of our products strongly speaks to this market? A question like this informs three things: the analysis of continuous pain points of businesses of different sizes in Kenya, which features we market to these businesses, and how we do it.

With more than 90% of our processes and strategies complete or underway, it’s now time for business owners and finance managers to experience it. By signing up for a Sava product demo, you get to actually see the simple side of controlling how much your business is spending while using automated controls to save time on finance-related tasks and in turn saving much more money than you anticipated.