Get to know Mandlenkosi (Engineer at Sava)

Mandlenkosi Shezi


In this edition of Sava’s team spotlight, we’re thrilled to introduce Mandlenkosi, a dynamic team member whose journey from curiosity to creativity has made a significant impact. Born into a family of five, Mandlenkosi’s insatiable curiosity and love for learning have propelled him forward. His vibrant personality, passion for cars, and unique talents create a colourful mosaic that enriches the Sava team.

Fun Rapid-fire:

In the spirit of getting to know Mandlenkosi better, we caught up with him for a fun rapid-fire session:

Morning person or night owl? “Depends, there are times I do both. Sometimes I could sleep for 4 hours, sleep late, wake up early. But the earlier, the better.”

Coffee or tea? “I prefer tea. I don’t like milk, so I shy away from having coffee because that’s the only time I’m tempted to add milk lol.”

Favorite book or movie? “I actually love cars, so I love Fast and Furious, particularly part 1. I loved Paul Walker’s role when he’s a cop sent to arrest racers who also happen to be criminals, but then over time he becomes family to the fugitives, even marrying one.”

Any hidden talents? “I am a bit of a dancer, lol, and I also do a bit of rapping. But what stands out the most is my writing because I am a competitive writer.”

How Mandlenkosi Joined Sava:

Mandlenkosi’s journey to becoming a valuable member of the engineering team at Sava is an intriguing tale of transformation. Formerly working for Company X, his introduction to Sava was as a client. Asked to review Sava Designs without prior knowledge of the product, Mandlenkosi’s expertise and dedication quickly turned the tables. In just three weeks, he was entrusted with a project that eventually led to Sava offering him a permanent position. The transition was seamless and exciting, marking the beginning of an incredible chapter.

A day in an engineer’s life at Sava:

A typical day in Mandlenkosi’s work life at Sava is a blend of organization, communication, and adaptability. Starting with email and Slack checks to catch up on notifications, he navigates through daily check-ins, stand-up meetings with the engineering team, and a series of calls. One interesting note to mention though is how he finds his role interesting. Interesting in the sense that there are always constant changes to what needs to be done. Fun fact: Over an interview, one can be asked: Are you good at dealing with change? Well, at Sava, it’s the constant change that makes the role more exciting. You can never expect the level to which things may change around a design which is why I love to keep an open mind to what tomorrow may bring. Embracing change is key at Sava, with a constant flow of updates that keeps the job interesting. Lastly, the opportunity to engage with a diverse team on a daily basis is so valuable. Being in a hybrid team has further enriched Mandlenkosi’s experience of learning of other cultures, enabling him to collaborate across borders and cultures.

Personal Touch:

Beyond work, Mandlenkosi’s interests come alive. An aficionado of afro-beat house music, he’s always up for a good time. He also occasionally finds himself gaming, from football and racing to adventurous missions. Needless to say, his hobbies mirror his dynamic personality and unwavering zest for life.

Inspirations and Motivations:

For Mandlenkosi, self-motivation is paramount. Reflecting on his journey, he draws inspiration from his personal growth and achievements. While he recognizes the potential for motivation from others, he emphasizes the importance of deriving strength from within, avoiding dependence on external sources that might falter.

Insights to anyone looking into growing in a computer/software engineering field:

Mandlenkosi’s advice to newcomers in his field is grounded in wisdom and simplicity. He urges individuals not to rush into learning a multitude of things without mastering the basics first. As tools evolve, the foundational principles remain constant, serving as a solid launchpad for growth.


Mandlenkosi takes a moment to express his gratitude by acknowledging his project supervisor from his master’s degree, whose teachings have come to life in his work at Sava. He also extends a heartfelt shout-out to his partner and family for their unwavering belief and support, especially during challenging times.